Are you grateful for what you have

By Hemant Jangid

I was walking from office to home, Regular day.

I was remembering how people don’t really understand what I want to tell them. They don’t ask question even if they have them. Nowadays, people prefer not to talk and carry on with the next task, intentionally ignoring what they left uncooked.

I tried talking to few new people and what I get is just.. ok see you man.. !! and so hows going on these days ..!! all fine …you tell?

Many times I find there is so less time and I have to do a lot tasks. I say to myself I am a bad planner. I complaint I don’t keep notes, no to do lists, always falling behind the plan (which I plan with no or very little thought). Oh God !! I have lot of stuff going around and more depending on me to finish. I pray – Give me some strength to finish some tasks. But, before I drink tea and come, what I see is an Email from my boss.

I tried to complete the task but one part of it remained uncompleted before I leave the office. Its a big question  – should I stay longer in office to finish this or hell ya .!! I won’t work now, I have a life, I am not a machine.

Still walking, I crossed another corner and what I see is a picture which I will never forget.

A little boy was walking holding hand of a man and shouting “abba” “abba” with playful voice and enjoying his jumping. They were walking by the road side. This picture just filled my eyes with shine and face with smile. I suddenly realized the little boy is so happy and he is so happy he is walking with his father hand in hand. He was joyful and shining brightly. The boy is so grateful for what he has and enjoying it.

The child’s father was a poor man who lost his one leg and walking with support.

Do we know what we have and what we should be grateful of?