Gomukhasana – Ramdev Yogasana


The person in this position becomes similar to the shape of a cow’s mouth, so the name Gomukhasana.

Sit with legs straight and heel-toes together.
Now bend the left leg at the knee and heel right below the buttocks. Sit on the leg.
Bend the right leg at the knee and keep it above the left leg as shown in the image.
Keep straight neck and waist.
Raise the right hand towards the sky and fold it at the elbow to bring it at the back of head.
fold the left hand at elbow and bring it to the back of waist.
Try to hook both the hands at the back side.
Do it as long as you can comfortably stay like that.
Keep breathing normal.

It makes limb muscles tight and strong.
Reduces Stress.
Shoulders, back and neck get relief.
Chest widens and increases the power of the lungs, improves respiratory disease.

Avoid when hand, foot and spinal posture have serious disease.
Do not attempt forcing hands behind the back.

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