How to boost your Memory Power

Whether you are a student at school seeking better marks, an executive trying to impress the big boss or an old age pensioner wanting to retain some grey matter, several studies have shown how meditation helps to boost memory power, increase concentration power, and sharpen your cognitive abilities.

Choosing What is Important?
The reasons we forget things are many, ranging from laziness, boredom to complicated mental disorders.  But interestingly enough don’t we always remember the things we want to when there is some benefit in it for us?  On the other hand perhaps deep in our psyche something has just not registered as important enough to remember, simply because it was not on our priority list!

Remove the Stress
Stress is a major cause of memory loss.  Remove the stresses and see how immediately the efficiency and quality of your memory power increases.  The scientific reason for this is that the nervous system basically becomes fried and frazzled under stressful conditions, which reduces the possibility of retaining any information.  Meditation can calm the nerves and help you manage your mind.

Lighten Up!

The more you stay positive and surround yourself with light-hearted and positive people, the more you will retain information in your memory.  If you get heavy at the thought of having to memorize traffic rules, shopping lists, or answering exam questions – then the sheer panic and pressure of ‘having to remember’ will kill your memory power.  Studies have shown that children learn more when background music is played, through games and playground activities rather than sitting in a classroom all day.  When our mind is light and happy, then like a child at play, we learn and remember things more easily.

Develop Healthy Relationships
Humans are social animals; building societies and living in communities.  Living for long periods in isolation is a recipe for depression and hence the decline in mental health.  In one recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health, researchers found that people with the most active social lives had the slowest rate of memory decline because through human contact we are able to maintain our social skills.

Get Enough Sleep
Try problem solving or critical thinking when you are sleep deprived and the chances are you will come up with the wrong solutions and make some disastrous decisions.  Much of our tiredness comes from within our own mind when we fail to look after our thoughts. When we are worried and anxious, then even our lengthy sleep is not of the deep rejuvenating and regenerative type and we can still wake up feeling low in energy.

Eat Well
Your body needs food and so does your mind.  Eating more fruits, vegetables and a diet rich in grains, seeds and nuts helps to increase the overall health of both your body and brain.  The mind, being more subtle, needs a diet of pure, peaceful and positive thoughts on a daily basis.

Use It or Lose It!
In order to increase memory power, give your mind something to ‘chew on’ regularly.  The more actively you use your mind and stretch the limits then the more mileage you will get out of it.  Other good practices to cultivate memory is to remember things by repetition or association, or solving brainteasers and Sudoku puzzles, or hold a positive thought in your mind through out the day.  Keep your mind engaged and active to keep it well.


It’s time… for us to check and change our thoughts, feelings and habits and to remember the positive things that are worth remembering and are positively energizing.  Our mind will become healthier, and so will our relationships with others as we become more mindful.  To stay well we have to mind our mind!