Simple steps for personal effectiveness

Hello friends,
I thought this is the best time to post this as it is fresh in my mind. I am pointing out here simple pointers which I used for my efficiency at work. This little thing will get you few more minutes for your work and few more power to your batteries.
Individuals can use and share this with friends and get the good results for themselves. And corporate and personal development trainers can include this in their programs to add more value to their customers.

Here I am enlisting the points covered in this session. This is for the people who work hard for this personal growth and for the trainers and coaches it will be unique value addition to corporate programs.

“Energy from Relaxation”

The parts of the program are as below:

1- Pranayama – 10 minutes a day keeps a doctor away

2- Sukshma vyayama – Energize quickly at workplace
3- Relaxation – Recharge your batteries in 15 minutes
4- 3D Stereogram technique – Increase your energy by knowing your 7 Chakras

The details will follow in futures posts. Thanks.